Saturday, July 10, 2010

LittleBear's Dance Party!

LittleBear LOVES music. If we're listening to music in the car, he's often either singing along (in his own way) or, more recently, tapping along with the beat, either kicking his legs or banging toys together.

He also loves to dance when we are singing to him (which we do a lot). He picked up a "bob your head side to side" move from his Mommy, and he's also started dancing with his legs sometimes.

Here's a fun video we got just the other day of him dancing to the music. (Yes, he was dancing to the music you hear, and yes, I do have some songs from the Night at the Roxbury soundtrack on my iPod.)

As a bonus, here's a video from about six months ago of him in his doorway jumper. This time, the music you hear is dubbed in -- he was just jumping around randomly -- but it's still fun to watch!

LittleBear gets one step closer to walking

Yes, the pun in the title of this post was intentional. But it's true! Thanks to the Playskool Walk'n Ride LittleBear got from Grandma for his birthday, LittleBear is making strides (there's those nasty puns again) towards walking on his own. Check it out!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guess who's one year old?

I'd ask you to "Guess who's one year old?", but if you've been reading the blog, you already know -- it's BabyBear! We've already recapped the party, but a 12-month-old update is in order.

BabyBear had his official 12-month checkup today. He weighed in at 18 lb., 12 oz., and is 29.25 inches tall. Though still considered small by percentile, it actually isn' too much less than what Bethany was at the same age (19 lb., 15 oz., and 30 inches tall). Daddy was a little heftier, apparently -- 24 lb., 9 oz. at age one, according to the ol' baby book. Here's each of us at 12 months -- from left to right, me, BabyBear and Bethany.

(Which parts of us do you see in him? Let us know; comment on this page!)

So what has our now 1-year-old been up to? He's certainly starting to talk in sentences of his own making -- full of baby babble, but varying baby babble. We're expecting him to stand up in his crib any day; I think the design of the crib is the only thing holding him back right now. He's also getting close to taking a few steps on his own; he walks very well holding just one of our hands, and he tears around in his walker standing up (just using it for balance, not as a supportive seat).

He's starting to show some definite likes and dislikes (or even just opinions), which has gone hand-in-hand with being a bit fussier of late. (Teething may have something to do with that, too.) In the last month, he has successfully pulled himself up to a sitting position (something he does with ease now), finally starting crawling regularly (he scoots all over now) and has even appropriately "signed" a few times (doing the sign for "milk" before nursing).

All in all, we may need to come up with a new name for BabyBear -- he's not really a baby any more!

Happy birthday, LittleBear!