Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wow, the big six months!!

Happy Six Month Birthday, BabyBear!!!!

The six month stats are in...BabyBear is 14 lbs, 14oz and 26" long.

Honestly, I'm a bit bummed. That means he's only grown .5" and lost an ounce compared to our unofficial FOUR month numbers. This puts him in the 10th percentile for weight and 30% for height. Thankfully the Dr. said he looked fine and wasn't bothered by this. I think she said he's also in the 40th percentile for head size. He's starting on solid foods, so hopefully that will help plump him up a little bit. It appears he definitely inherited his Daddy's metabolism, not his Mommy's, which is probably a good thing.

The good news is the Dr said he's doing great, very alert and strong. He's passing all his milestones nicely and will likely have a tooth showing sooner or later. Here are some other things the "little man" is up to:

- he's much better in his sitting capabilities. We still have to sit behind him, to catch him if he falls, but he's learned to balance pretty well.
- he much prefers standing to sitting...maybe we put him in the jumper too much...
- he loves to sing along in the car with whatever is playing (SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- he's sleeping much better at night, but is still taking short naps, which we're working on, but overall we're sleeping much better now than we were a month or so ago

He had his first taste of solid foods, yummy sweet potato! Stay tuned for more details on this in another post...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Huzzah for early Christmas presents!

BabyBear here... So I haven't even celebrated my first Christmas yet, but I've already got to open some Christmas presents -- what a sweet deal! Here's me helping Mommy open one of her presents at Aunt Kim and Uncle Josh's house last week.

For my first-ever Christmas presents, I got a new book (already read it; I read a lot) and my first motorized toy -- a Busy Ball Popper! It's great; here's a video Mommy recorded of us playing with it:

So much fun!!! Thanks Uncle Josh, Aunt Kim, J, E, R and P!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Before we get any deeper into the Christmas season (or Advent, for you liturgical types), I guess we'd better recap Thanksgiving. :)

We went to my (Jeff's) mom's house in Houston for Thanksgiving this year (Wednesday-Sunday -- BabyBear's longest time away from home so far). Since my sister's in-laws do a big Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday, our family has in recent years taken to celebrating on Friday. That left Thursday wide open for us, so my mom babysat BabyBear while Bethany and I went to see "The Blind Side." We both highly recommend seeing it -- and not just because it was written and directed by a Baylor Bear!

Friday, we (Mom, me, Bethany, BabyBear, my sister, her husband, and their three kids) went to Aunt Sue and Uncle Vic's house in Sugar Land for the big dinner. Lots of fun there -- even took the kids to a nearby park after the big meal. Grams and Gramps provided this outfit for BabyBear to wear on the big day:

So cute! Saturday we just hung out at the house (digesting, I suppose), and then headed back to Waco Sunday. A very nice time with family. BabyBear did very well being away from home, sticking to his schedule pretty well and dealing nicely with the time we got off schedule. (Click here to see pics from the whole long weekend.)

Next up? Christmas in Miami -- less than three weeks!