Thursday, August 30, 2012

38 Weeks (almost 39) with LadyBear

A dear friend of mine came over a few days ago to take some maternity pictures for me and I'm so thrilled with the job that she did.  I don't usually get excited about posting pictures of myself for people to see, but I thought at least a few of you might enjoy these :)  Thank you, Sarah Nazarian for taking these!!!!

 We are looking forward to meeting you, LadyBear!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We're Ready for LadyBear!

LadyBear's room is finally finished!  Well, ideally I'd have a few more things framed and eventually we'll have a daybed in there, but our budget is a bit limited right now, so we'll go with it as-is and I'll try to find frames and the daybed later :)

With LittleBear (then BabyBear), we bought a really cute in the box teddy bear nursery set and decorated with that, which worked out well.  With LadyBear, I wanted to branch out on my own and try something a little different.  I really want my kids to know there is a great big world out there and so I decided to go with a theme of "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" from one of the classic spirituals.  What we ended up with is a collection of globes, maps and placemats found at garage sales, thrift stores and and while it may not win any awards for "Best decorated room," I really like it.
Enjoy the tour!!

The last time I did this, LittleBear decided to come the next day...for the record, I would be TOTALLY fine if LadyBear followed his example :)  We'll see...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Making Pesto!

LittleBear has been my right hand man and little helper since he could walk and loves to be involved in whatever I am doing.   Today was no different.  I had planned on making several batches of pesto sauce to be frozen for after LadyBear arrives and was excited to find that LittleBear was happy to help!  He didn't mind pulling stems at all and helped me make it from start to finish, including measuring ingredients and turning on the food processor (which he then said was too loud).  I'm so blessed to have such a great little helper!!
This is our favorite pesto sauce recipe (we use cashew nut pieces), in case you care to try it :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

LittleBear "Meets the Bears"

LittleBear and I (Jeff) went to Baylor football's annual "Meet the Bears" summer scrimmage and autograph session today at the team's practice facility. The scrimmage was outdoors, but thankfully Baylor has a beautiful, indoor, air-conditioned practice facility as well, and the post-game autograph session was held in there.

LittleBear was interested in seeing a couple of the players we had previously pointed out: quarterback Nick Florence ("He goes to our church," LittleBear remembers) and running back Jarred Salubi ("He's from Waco, just like you!" we told LittleBear). But he wasn't interested in waiting in the long lines to meet them or get autographs; he just wanted to see them.

Mostly, LittleBear was really just interested in running around and playing inside the practice facility. Check out the video below; this is really how we spent most of our hour-plus in there.

Thanks to Baylor Athletics for hosting us (and the several hundred other Bear fans) today!