Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A New Season of T-Ball is Upon Us!

A new season of tball has started and we've been enjoying weekly practices and now games!  Ben wears #4 and has been loving this latest season of tball. 

He has loved running the bases...

and takes LadyBear around the bases with him at the end of every practice/game... Incidentally, as soon as we get to the field, she starts asking, "Base, base, Base!!!!"

He also loves putting on the batting helmet and taking some swings...

LadyBear enjoys doing stickers with Daddy...

and just being silly...

LittleBear also enjoys chasing after the ball...

and throwing it back.

He listens to his coaches...

and sometimes wears his hat backwards or sideways (sorry Grampa!)...

He also really loves it when he gets to run across home plate...

 LadyBear REALLY loves being silly with Daddy...

Our little ham...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt 2014

I just realized I forgot to post this...oops.  Mommy brain strikes again!

On Easter Sunday, we did our annual tradition of an egg hunt in the backyard for LittleBear and LadyBear.  Each had 14 plastic eggs to look for with their initials on them and despite very clear instructions, LittleBear took it upon himself to help LadyBear find the vast majority of her eggs.  *SIGH*  He loves to help. 

If you're curious, we don't go crazy with our's more the thrill of the hunt around here.  The eggs contained stickers, cheerios, coins, a little bit of candy, headbands for LadyBear and more stickers for LittleBear.  Each silver egg contained a chocolate heart, which signified what God would love from us this Easter and each gold egg was empty reminding us of the glory of the empty tomb.

So, here are the pictures.  A hunting we will go...

Hey LadyBear, I found one for you!

Hey Mom, the apple tree has an egg for me!

LittleBear has to reach!!

Sidetracked by the flowers...

Ok, I think I'm done...

Hey a green egg in the bush is tricky (thanks Dad)!

Full baskets!

And a happy hunt it was...

Any of those eggs for meow?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter from our family to yours!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

LadyBear's Big Girl Bed

 Good morning, LadyBear!

Our little LadyBear is growing up!  A while back, we were thinking about when we wanted to transition her from the crib to a non-enclosed bed and we decided that we really should do it before she hits her "no" phase and her independent streak goes off the charts.  Let me preface this by saying we do not have a need to pull her out of the crib (in other words, there are no new babies coming that we know of that need it), but we wanted to go through this process with the least amount of discipline needed to make it successful (and the least amount of sleep lost in the process).  I (Bethany) had decided I wasn't going to do a car bed like we did with LittleBear because, while it was cute and he LOVED it, it was an absolute pain in the rear to change the sheets because of the way the roof curved and when we started potty training we needed to do that quite a bit.

Well, as the Lord would have it, a fire truck toddler bed came available for a really good price (definitely a price we can get back whenever we sell it).  It has sides that come up a little bit, so it seemed a little more enclosed than a basic toddler bed and the mattress pops in and out very easily.  LadyBear recently started yelling "Fire Truck!" everytime she saw one (no doubt because of her brother), so it seemed like something she would like.  The time change causing us to lose an hour (thanks Daylight Savings) was coming up, so we thought we would make it work for us this time around instead of fighting against it.  Since we were all losing an hour, this meant that she would still be asleep when it was time to wake up, therefore setting the precedent of her waking up when we came in, not her already being awake and tempted to go play.  It sounded good in theory, but would it work with our spirited little lady?

We explained to LadyBear that the one rule she needed to follow to keep this bed was that she couldn't get out of bed until either her light came on or we told her she could.  To her credit, she has followed that rule remarkably well and this was a super easy transition for us!  Hooooraaaaay!!!!!

The only bummer is that LittleBear was mildly disappointed he doesn't have one, but he rallied his spirits well and has been enjoying playing in hers :)

Why can't meow have one too?

Here she is seeing her bed for the first time:

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bluebonnets 2014

Texas Bluebonnets 2014



And yes, LadyBear's newest favorite thing is her cowboy boots, which are technically one size too big, but don't try to tell her that she can't wear them yet.  She is after all, a Texan.

This year we had some fun and excitement added to our bluebonnet photo shoot.  LadyBear was thrilled when she found a ladybug and let it crawl all over her.  She was also disappointed when we had to leave said ladybug in the field and not bring it home with us. 

Ladybug crawling on her leg...

Mommy, can we keep it?  (in the middle, up and to the right a bit on the bluebonnet)

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Happy Diadeloso!!!!!

Diadeloso is "The Day of the Bear" and is a holiday at Baylor.  Classes are cancelled and lots of fun activities are hosted on campus for students and faculty/staff.  So, we picked up Daddy from work and had some family fun on campus!

It was a beautiful day!!!  We started off visiting the Baylor Bears, Joy and Lady (who were sensibly taking naps).  LittleBear then enjoyed a pony ride and LadyBear loved on Sweetie the Pony. 

Then we had a yummy lunch of barbeque, potato salad, chips and Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches. 

And of course, we followed our yummy lunch up with a visit to a giant bounce house (parental greatness right there). 

Fun times were definitely had by all!!!