Saturday, March 24, 2012

LittleBear Meets the Firemen & Firetruck

One of LittleBear's dreams came true today. He got to explore the inside of a real Waco Fire Department truck and talk to the firemen. For background, we live a few blocks down the street from a fire house. We drive past it multiple times every day and each time we do, Little Bear lets me know if the firemen had the garage door up and if the fire truck was "home." If we go to the grocery store and don't see a fire truck, then LittleBear asks about it and seems disappointed.

Fast forward to today...We took him to a City of Waco Operation Kidsafe event at a nearby car dealership and the police and firemen were there in support of the event. He loved every minute of it and had hearty high fives for each of the firemen followed by a heartfelt "thank you." It was so special and fun for this Momma to see her little boy so in wonder.

We also got a great picture of LittleBear and digital fingerprints that are much better then the ones Momma did with an ink pad at home. Hopefully we will never need them, but I am super thankful to Operation Kidsafe, Richard Karr Motors, the City of Waco police and City of Waco firemen for better equipping me, putting on the event and giving my son such a great experience!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Texas Springtime Tradition: Bluebonnets!!

For all of my family who is not familiar with Texas, it is not uncommon about this time of year to see moms taking pictures of their kids in random fields, on the side of the road all to get the perfect shot of their kids in the Texas Bluebonnets. The Bluebonnet is the official state flower of Texas and it's beauty and fragrance are truly lovely. Since LittleBear is a Texan, I didn't want him to miss out, so we once again went out (this time with some friends) to find the perfect spot and try to capture a picture of a smiling 2 yr old boy sitting amongst flowers. We certainly did better than last year :) Here is the best of what we got: