Saturday, February 17, 2007

The remodeling never ends...

So, exactly a year after setting aside some money to redo our guest bathroom's lighting and mirror/medicine cabinet, we finally got it done. We took most of that time deciding exactly what we wanted, and when we finally decided on a medicine cabinet, it turned out the only one the store had was a display model that was in bad shape. We tried ordering it direct from the manufacturer, and they took our money only to refund it a week later with a message that they no longer make that model. Finally, we found another display model, this one in good shape, at another store. We got it up today, along the lighting we found a couple of months ago.

First, for reference, here's what the old lights/cabinet looked like (except with a yellow/gold paint instead of white -- this pic is actually an old one of the master bath):

Now, here's the updated look:

Much better, don't you think?


Diane said...

Love the site and the new bathroom fixtures! You'll love posting photos to a website versus e-mailing them. It's so much faster and easier. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Way to go!! I love the new look, and can't wait to see it in person. The blog is a great idea, too.
Much Love,

kimkitty81 said...

Y'all did a great job!