Wednesday, May 23, 2007


UPDATE, May 28: As of last night, the offer has been accepted and a closing date agreed upon! That means that, assuming the home inspection doesn't uncover anything major, we have a house!

Here are some pics for y'all to enjoy while we wait to hear if they'll accept it or not for the home inspection!

Here's the front of the house:

The back (sort of side, really) patio:

Garage exterior:

Back yard (it's a corner lot):

When you walk in the front door, you see the formal living room (foreground). Behind that is the dining room area, with the kitchen off to the right and the hallway to the bedrooms heading to the left. Behind the dining room is the family room.

This is the study (probably Bethany's office); it is just off the formal living room, at the front of the house.

The nicely-updated kitchen:

The family room:

If you walk in the front door, go straight to the dining room table and turn left, you'll go down the hallway to the bedrooms. First up on that hallway is the guest bath:

Across the hall is the guest bedroom:

Further down the hall is what will be my den:

Across the hall from the den is the master bedroom:

You get to the garage through the family room; this is what it looks like. The door to the left is a storage space; the door on the left is a laundry room:

Also, here are three videos we made of the house:

  • A shorter walk-through of the house

  • The outside of the house and the yard

  • A longer walk-through of the house, taken when we decided to make an offer

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