Monday, June 25, 2007

The joys of homeownership

Well, we're here... Movers showed up bright and early on the 11th with a REALLY big truck (our stuff filled up 1/3 of it).

We drove down the next two days; got here the 13th, closed on the house the 15th, and I started my new job the 18th. Stuff finally got here this past Thursday, and we're still unpacking.

But on to the interesting story... So, it rained a little here today - nothing we would consider a storm, really - but when I got home from work, part of a tree was down in our driveway. Bethany did not hear said tree fall, but there it was.

We think it was a pecan tree, which makes Bethany very sad. Thankfully, it was not the entire tree, and it didn't fall on anything (like her car... again).

We tugged a little to the right and a little to the left, and down came the branch. We think it's probably a little too big for our compost pile; guess we'll have to call a tree service to cut it up and take it away?

Just thought we'd share. (We seriously do love our new house.)

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