Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bathroom Remodel- Day 4

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, We've Got A New Tub!!

Well, as you guessed it, today they put in the bathtub!! Yay!!! They actually did not bring in the tub until 4pm or so. The rest of the day was spent re-piping drains from the old shower to where they should be for the tub. They also replaced the lines for the hot and cold water, replaced the release valve and extended the shower upwards for the taller folks in the family. We have some new sheetrock in the bathroom as well.

We also chose a faucet fixture for our shower and tub today, which is really cool. The awesome thing is that our plumber has a great connection with a wholesale place in town that is selling us the tub and accessories as well as this faucet fixture at way discounted prices, so that is a major blessing. We're going for a Tuscan/Mediterranean theme and liked this faucet set.

So here is a short video of the bathroom as it is now:

And here are some pictures as well:

Shower Area:

New Tub:

Tall Shower:

New Faucet:

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