Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bathroom Remodel- Day 6

After a few days off from the remodel, things were up and running today despite an almost 2 hour power outage that threatened to thwart the entire day. The guys worked today primarily on the ceiling and on the walls. On the ceiling, they worked on smoothing out the texture and actually putting a ceiling over the shower. On the walls, they put this black tar like substance that makes the sheetrock waterproof if it was ever to get water on it. I think it also helps the tile stick. The tile was ordered today and should be in tomorrow (coming from Dallas), so hopefully that will still happen.

The carpenter was supposed to come today and put up the wainscoting, chair rail and frame out the wood shelf behind the tub, but after several hours of waiting, I don't think he's coming.

Still, there's progress!!!

Shower Area:

Shower Ceiling:

Tile we chose:

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