Monday, March 10, 2008

Disaster Musical of the Week ?!

It is a rare feat when one can combine their love of musicals and their embarrassing interest in disaster movies into one blog post. Here it is! Recently, Jeff and I had an opportunity to attend All-University Sing here at Baylor. It's one of those really fun Baylor traditions that, as a student, I looked forward to every year. It basically consists of mini-musicals put on by the fraternities, sororities and an all-star group (Sing Alliance). You can imagine my delight when I saw the first act called "In Our Yellow Submarine" by Phi Gamma Delta. This act was about sailors sailing the seas in, you guessed it, a yellow submarine.

The best part was about halfway through when a giant purple octopus tried to overtake the yellow submarine, it was just like a disaster movie! The purple octopus was in the middle of several flowing blue waving rolls of fabric at varying heights that looked like waves. Swimming by on rolling tables between these sheets of fabric were scuba divers battling the giant purple octopus. It is hard to describe, but it really was fun to watch. Here's a picture of the finale:


Carol said...

Was the song "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles? That was always one of my favorites, and I can imagine how well it would fit. Disaster musical? Fun indeed!

Bethany said...

Yup, they opened with that song in an acapella version, which was pretty cool. Then they brought in some other songs, it was cool!!!

lunch is over, back to work for me...