Friday, August 15, 2008

Moving offices yet again

After a year of being in one of the coolest buildings on campus, my department moved last week from Pat Neff Hall to Robinson Tower, an eight-story typical office building that was built in the 1980s and bought by Baylor in the 1990s. (Sorry, no pics this time like I did last time; nobody thinks to take pics of the Tower. It's just nothing special.)

We do have nice new offices, as they redid the space before we moved in. So that's nice. And I got some new office furniture out of the deal, too. I have to say I prefer my new office over the old one. But, I don't think that will be able to make up for being in the heart of campus. I will definitely miss that.

With the move, I started thinking back on how many times I've had to pack up my office over the last few years. Here's a timeline:
  • Jan '04 -- I left my job in athletics and moved to AAA in Philadelphia.
  • Spring '04 -- Our cubicle structure was rearranged, so we had to pack everything up for the move.
  • Summer '05 -- AAA moved from Philly to Wilmington, Del., so we packed up and moved.
  • Summer '06 -- Our department was moved from one side of the floor to the other, so we had to pack up everything.
  • Summer '07 -- I left AAA to move back to Waco and Baylor.
  • Summer '08 -- Our office changed buildings.
So, that's six times I've packed and unpacked everything in my office in the past 4.5 years. I guess at least that keeps the clutter down.

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