Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun Times!! BabyBear's first wedding reception...

Howdy friends and family!!

Last night, we had the privilege of attending our dear friends Keith and Kerry's wedding reception. They got married three weeks ago in California and then had a reception last night in TX, so those of us who couldn't make it to CA got to celebrate with them as well. And what a celebration it was!! To see the immense joy on the faces of Keith, Kerry (who looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress ) and others in attendance was just fun. These two are such sweet, fun, kindhearted people, it truly was a celebration in the eyes of everyone there. We had a great evening.

The invitation specified formal attire, so I enjoyed getting both myself and my boy all dressed up (I honestly can't remember the last time I wore lipstick...maybe Allison's wedding and she just celebrated her 2 yr anniversary! Happy anniversary Allison and Eric!). For BabyBear, we found a tuxedo onesie and some black pants on and I managed to whip up some shoes for him using a pattern I found online. The shoes could have been better (I wanted to put black laces on them, but ran out of time), but I thought BabyBear looked adorable!!!

I have to say, Jeff looked incredibly handsome as well :)

We enjoyed barbeque from Rudy's (MMMMMMM!) and then some yummy pineapple cake and chocolate covered strawberries (a Jeff and Bethany favorite!). There were also slideshows set up around the location with wedding and honeymoon pictures, which were really neat to see. Then it was time for dancing!

Really, it was more like bouncing up and down for me, but hey, it's still exercise, right? BabyBear had huge eyes and was just taking everything in most of the evening. He even bounced on his own with me for several of the songs!! He held his head up just about the entire time we were on the dance floor (a couple hours!) and really seemed quite happy. (My baby is growing up so fast!!!) BabyBear even received a request to dance with the bride and groom!!

I think we could have stayed longer (we left about 9:30), but we didn't want to push it, seeing as how it was BabyBear's first outing to an event like this. Needless to say, we all slept really well last night. Thanks for a super fun evening, Keith and Kerry, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kimkitty81 said...

Ben's outfit is precious! What a great looking family!

Linda said...

Wonderful family photo, adorable baby!