Friday, March 19, 2010

Guess who's nine months old?

By this point I imagine you don't really have to guess anymore; it's BabyBear! Amazingly, the little guy has now been out here in the world as long as he was in his mommy's tummy; time sure flies!

BabyBear has a really fun personality, and it continues to show more and more every day. He's already a lot more outgoing than his parents, and he loves to laugh (as you can see in the previous blog post). He's up for going anywhere, and loves to people watch.

Since we're introducing more and more "adult" foods, he also seems up for trying anything; in fact, we have yet to really come across anything he actively dislikes. His favorites seem to be broccoli, turkey deli meat, and beef ravioli. Yet, at his official nine-month checkup, he had barely grown from the last time he was in, and is below the fifth percentile in height and weight (though his head size is in the 30th percentile - go figure). So, we're going to have to work a little harder to make sure he's getting enough food as he's still nursing, getting a bottle (formula) and eating regular food. He doesn't complain and seems to be happy with the amount of food he's been getting; this is just one of those things we're going to have to learn how to make work.

Besides food, the other big thing in the past month has been his quickly improving ability to walk (with assistance). He now routinely motors around the house, holding onto Mommy's or Daddy's fingers for balance (like in this video). He sits very well on his own now, but would usually prefer to be standing or walking, and is already getting close to being able to pull himself up.

Here he is -- the 9 month old himself!

As a bonus, here are some other photos from the past week -- playing with a beach ball and additional shots from the 9-month-old shoot. Enjoy!

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