Thursday, April 1, 2010

My day job - Spring 2010

Okay, so apparently it's been a long, long time since I last linked to any of my Baylor Magazine articles. Just for archives' sake, I'll go ahead and catch up now, spurred by the fact that I've got my second-ever cover story in the new issue hitting homes this week. (That's it pictured at right.) I got to fly to California to meet with Judge Ken Starr plus a whole bunch of Pepperdine faculty and students for the story, and I came away impressed; read the story for more. :)

Here's the rest of my features (and a couple of smaller pieces), to get us up to date:
  • Faith on the field of play (Spring 2009) -- Former letterman Wes Yeary's return to Baylor as Sports Chaplain is only the first step toward making Baylor the nation's leading training center for athletic chaplains.
  • From purebreds to pageants (Spring 2009) -- Equestrian team captain to compete for Miss Texas crown
  • Inspired support (Summer 2009) -- Recent grads find creative ways to give back to their alma mater.
  • A firm foundation (Fall 2009) -- Committed to the University's mission and vision, the Board of Regents takes seriously their responsibility to ensure Baylor's bright future.
  • A mammoth undertaking (Winter 2009-10) -- Thirty years after two men found a large bone in a Waco creek bank, the Waco Mammoth site is on the brink of joining the National Park System.
  • Trio of seniors leading volleyball to historic heights (Winter 2009-10) -- Bears return to the top 25 paced by three all-Big 12 veterans
  • A call to serve (Spring 2010) -- Those who know new Baylor President Ken Starr best -- his colleagues and students at Pepperdine Law and his wife, Alice -- introduce the university's 14th president: a servant leader, a man of faith and an energetic example.
Happy reading!

P.S. No, this is not an April Fool's joke.