Saturday, August 28, 2010

LittleBear starts "reading"

LittleBear is starting to get the hang of these things we call "books." We read to him before every nap and bedtime, as well as at other random times. In the last couple of weeks he's started pulling out books himself and "reading" them himself -- flipping through the pages and talking to himself (in words we don't yet understand). See here, for example:

As you can see, he doesn't always get the book oriented correctly, but really, what does that matter? It's just a different point of view!

The book he's reading in the video is Growl Goes the Bear, part of a four-volume set (along with Meow Goes the Cat, Moo Goes the Cow and Ribbit Goes the Frog). These fine literary masterpieces were found in the dollar section at Target (they're not even on Amazon!) and come complete with googly eyes!

All four books (but particularly Growl Goes the Bear) -- seem to be his favorites. He laughs and laughs at the animal sounds ("GROWL" goes the bear, "HOO HOO" goes the owl, etc.). So cute!

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Sarah said...

I have similar videos of each of my boys "reading" as well. So cute!