Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Garden: Fare Thee Well Zucchini...

The zucchini is definitely on its way out. I think the combination of the high 90s degree heat and the bugs that ate out the inside of the stalk did it in. I did get five zucchini off of it in its lifetime and I will definitely plant two plants of it again for the fall (& will watch more closely for bugs). I'll pull it out sometime this week. I did pull the dead pea vines out this week.

The broccoli continues to grow new leaves (no caterpillars in sight this week) and we've got green beans now! The little cantaloupe vine had at least six blossoms on it and I'm thrilled that the flowers came out so quickly. I expected it to take a bit longer to flower. The two honeydew plants also have a few flowers, but not as many as the cantaloupe.

I added two lemon basil plants to a couple of the empty squares in the hopes that we'll have some yummy basil for homemade pesto, which is rapidly becoming a LittleBear favorite. Here's what the boxes look like as of this afternoon.

Box #1:
Box #2:
Box #3:
And another view of the whole garden from the opposite side:
Green beans!
Honeydew on the lam!
Happy Pepper plant:
Beanstalk going for the power lines:
I leave you with a fun 4 minute video of LittleBear playing in the garden with a beach ball and the wavy sprinkler...

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