Sunday, January 15, 2012

Before Five In A Row: Ask Mr. Bear

We started back up with school this week, though at a more leisurely pace than usual. I didn't include quite as many activities because I wanted to ease back into it. In retrospect, I should have included more activities as LittleBear was eager to do most of them!

This week we read Ask Mr. Bear, a story about a little boy who is trying to find something to give his mother for her birthday. As with the other BFIAR books, LittleBear really liked this book and asked to read it many times throughout the week. Here is what we had planned for the week:

Day 1
- Sensory bin
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Day 5
- Cousin P's birthday party!!!!

LittleBear did not want to color the cards on Day 3 or Day 4...would not do it. He did really well with the Forest Animals/Farm Animals sort activity and then What's in the Box activity. He got all of those right on his first try! He also is now quite familiar with all the sounds different animals make on the farm. The tracking pages and the rhyming activity still give him a little bit of trouble, but he was happy to give them a try! For the clip and learn, he didn't want to use clothespins, so he just counted and told me how many of each animal there were. I'm ok with that.

Here is our photo gallery for the week:

Week 7- Ask Mr. Bear

Inspiration, ideas and printables I used for Ask Mr. Bear can be found at:
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