Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guess Who's Two Months Old Today? LadyBear!!

Wow, time is really flying!  Today, LadyBear hit the two month mark and I'm having a hard time remembering where October went.  LadyBear loves to look around and take in the sights of wherever she is, be it the Baylor Homecoming Parade or admiring the stained glass windows during our BSF class.  Like her big brother, she seems very observant.  She still enjoys time on her playmat and also loves being carried around.

Big Brother LittleBear still really loves "Little Sister."  He takes great care of her and makes sure I do too.  He's an amazing big brother!

LadyBear has been smiling up a storm lately and we all love to see it.  Her dark eyes are starting to brighten up and she is quite the little joy.  As you can tell from the pictures, she's still eating well and she sleeps ok most nights.  We stopped swaddling her arms and she hasn't seemed to mind.  Again, like her big brother, she seems to be a pretty laid back little baby.  We love our LadyBear!!! 

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Sarah Falk said...

So beautiful! I missed a lot while we were gone! I'd love to hear her birth story and more about how you guys are doing!