Friday, December 7, 2012

Guess Who's Three Months Old Today? LadyBear!!


Well, time just keeps on flying! LadyBear has grown out of the newborn stage where she loved to curl up on my shoulder and sleep all day.  She still loves to snuggle (hooray!), but she's a lot more aware of what's going on around her and doesn't really want to sleep that much during the day.  She loves to sit and watch whatever is going on (usually her entertainment is courtesy of LittleBear) and is still generally content unless she has a reason not to be (hungry, tired, diaper).  All in all, she is sleeping well at night and eating great.  We are very thankful!

As of this afternoon, LadyBear weighs in at 14.5 lbs (on our bathroom scale). She has been trying to roll over and can easily get on to her side, but not much further than that.

She loves to play silly games with Daddy and looks for Brother whenever she hears his voice.  The Christmas tree has become quite the attraction for her with the lights and different ornaments, she loves to have someone walk her up close to it.  She has also become quite the little talker telling us baby babbles happily throughout the day.  She's a happy girl and we are SO happy to have her!


Unknown said...

So, so precious! I love her expressions in these.

Unknown said...

whooops! Forgot that it doesn't put my name.. "Unknown" is your friend Heather S. ;)