Friday, May 25, 2012

LittleBear's Turn At Decorating...

This week has been an interesting week and the first few days of it started out a little rough for Mommy and LittleBear (LittleBear IS two and Mommy IS human, after all).  We were out running a quick errand when we saw these Fire truck wall stickers on clearance at Pinwheel Kids.  LittleBear quickly asked if we could buy them and I agreed/caved. 

I'm so glad I did...he LOVES them!  They can be taken off the wall and put back on as LittleBear desires, though so far they are all still where he put them.  Each time he walks into his room, he starts talking about fire trucks.  He even said the other day that he wanted to be a fireman so he could drive the truck someday.

Here he is putting them up on his wall around his bed:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brown Family Beach Vacation, May 2012

Earlier this month, we had the wonderful opportunity of getting together with Jeff's entire family for a long weekend in Surfside, TX.  We were blessed to stay in a large house on the beach and had a wonderful time.

LittleBear loved the time with family, especially his cousins, and in particular his cousin Little J. Here they are playing with punch balloons in the living room:

And playing baseball on the beach (even without a ball):

We had a lot of fun at the beach -- flying kites, playing in the waves, walking along the shore -- but LittleBear's mind was frequently fixed on baseball. Here he is playing with Grandma (again, without even the need for a ball):

Too cute! With us, Aunt Kim and Uncle Josh, Grandma, and Aunt Sue and Uncle Vic around, we got plenty of pictures, too; see here: