Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brown Family Beach Vacation, May 2012

Earlier this month, we had the wonderful opportunity of getting together with Jeff's entire family for a long weekend in Surfside, TX.  We were blessed to stay in a large house on the beach and had a wonderful time.

LittleBear loved the time with family, especially his cousins, and in particular his cousin Little J. Here they are playing with punch balloons in the living room:

And playing baseball on the beach (even without a ball):

We had a lot of fun at the beach -- flying kites, playing in the waves, walking along the shore -- but LittleBear's mind was frequently fixed on baseball. Here he is playing with Grandma (again, without even the need for a ball):

Too cute! With us, Aunt Kim and Uncle Josh, Grandma, and Aunt Sue and Uncle Vic around, we got plenty of pictures, too; see here:

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