Thursday, April 24, 2014

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt 2014

I just realized I forgot to post this...oops.  Mommy brain strikes again!

On Easter Sunday, we did our annual tradition of an egg hunt in the backyard for LittleBear and LadyBear.  Each had 14 plastic eggs to look for with their initials on them and despite very clear instructions, LittleBear took it upon himself to help LadyBear find the vast majority of her eggs.  *SIGH*  He loves to help. 

If you're curious, we don't go crazy with our's more the thrill of the hunt around here.  The eggs contained stickers, cheerios, coins, a little bit of candy, headbands for LadyBear and more stickers for LittleBear.  Each silver egg contained a chocolate heart, which signified what God would love from us this Easter and each gold egg was empty reminding us of the glory of the empty tomb.

So, here are the pictures.  A hunting we will go...

Hey LadyBear, I found one for you!

Hey Mom, the apple tree has an egg for me!

LittleBear has to reach!!

Sidetracked by the flowers...

Ok, I think I'm done...

Hey a green egg in the bush is tricky (thanks Dad)!

Full baskets!

And a happy hunt it was...

Any of those eggs for meow?

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