Thursday, January 22, 2015

Five In A Row: The Clown of God

These past two weeks we read another new-to-us book called Clown of God, which tells the life of a juggler in the times of the Renaissance.  We also learned about monks and St. Francis of Assisi (who is mentioned multiple times in the book), the Renaissance time period, Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo.  We then reviewed what we had learned during Papa Piccolo week about Italy.

We also took Monday the 19th out to study MLK and learn why that was an important day.  Then we went back to our Clown of God study.  It was a fun two weeks!

We did our usual worksheets (LadyBear and I elected to color)...

We tried a little juggling...

Made some rainbows with our dot markers...

And tried our hand at drawing Giovanni juggling...

We also talked about how we can give God glory in the things that we do...

Overall, we had an enjoyable two weeks and I think this will be a favorite book of both kids for many months to come.

Resources and printables I used for Clown of God can be found at:
Go Along Books we used for Clown of God (* indicate ones we especially liked):
*Papa Gatto by Ruth Sanderson
*Look What Came From Italy by Miles Harvey
*Michelangelo by Mike Venezia
*DaVinci by Mike Venezia
*Brother Sun, Sister Moon: Saint Francis of Assisi's Canticle of the Creatures by Katherine Patterson
*Brother Francis and the Friendly Beasts by Margaret Hodges
Brother Sun, Sister Moon: The Life and Stories of St. Francis by Margaret Mayo
*The Renaissance by Jane Shuter
*The Renaissance (Eyewitness Art) by Alison Cole
*Let's Learn Italian Picture Dictionary by the Editors of Passport Books

 Making sure our story disk ended up in the right spot with a little help from LadyBear...

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