Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Garden 2015

Spring is here around our area and that means that our Spring garden is also underway.  It might not look like much, but from up-close, there is a lot going on!  My quest for an edible lawn continues!!!

This year, I rebuilt my two 4x4 beds and hope they will hold up better than my last ones did (I used 10x4x2 boards instead of 6x4x1 boards).   I also added a 4x8 bed to our garden and in it is planted 21 crowns of Jersey Giant Asparagus.  These are supposed to be 2 year old crowns, which I should let grow to fern and then next Spring, I'll be able to harvest asparagus to eat for the next 15-20 years.  For now, each crown is sending up one shoot per crown (though one crown has sent up 2 already).  From my research, after the crowns establish themselves, they'll start sending up more shoots.  I noticed the other day that our last crown (which I had just about given up on) was sending a tiny shoot through the earth, so I'm thrilled to announce that all of them are producing.  Hooray!  For a newbie gardener like me, this is good news.

 Asparagus fern with little bell flowers on it...actually rather pretty!

 The last tiny baby asparagus shoot to come up...

I asked the kids what they wanted to plant this year and LittleBear wasted no time in shouting out, "Peas!"  So, LittleBear planted his peas.

 LittleBear's peas...we have Tall Telephone and Sugar Anne Snap this year...

LadyBear wanted to plant corn and carrots, so for the first time ever, we are attempting to grow corn and I'm giving carrots another try.

 Corn...we have Golden Bantam and Wade Giant Indian Flint Corn (just for fun because I think they are so pretty!)

 LadyBear's carrots...we have Chantenay Red Core Carrots this year instead of the baby ones I tried before...

We also have:

 Brussel Sprouts!  This is my first time growing these, so I'm curious to see how that goes.

Broccoli!!!  My last broccoli plant grew to be HUGE and didn't really produce any broccoli, so I'm hoping I have selected a better variety for my area this time around.

Zucchini!!!  A favorite of mine and LadyBear's and very easy to grow...

Green Beans!  I grew these a few years ago and they were super easy, so I'm hoping for another good year this year!

There is a sneaky melon plant coming up that I didn't intentionally plant, but I think was inadvertently planted by the critter who stole my melons off the plant last year (grr).  It's either this fancy french melon or a honeydew, but I'm not sure which yet (I'm leaning toward tit being a honeydew).

We also have planted green and orange sweet bell peppers and basil, but those take a while to come up (they are in the above box next to the green beans).  I'll also plant one cherry tomato plant, but I haven't figured out exactly where yet.

As I type, the garden is getting a wonderful bath from a rain shower, which I am super thankful for.  Grow, little plants!  Grow!!

My happy blueberry bush!!

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