Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baylor, three years later

Since I left Baylor three years ago, campus has changed quite a bit. Here are some photos from my trip this weekend (as with all the pics on this blog, click on any of them to see an enlarged version).

Remember the fountain? Gone, replaced with a grassy area:

The Bear Pit? Drastically updated (for the better):

The Bookstore? Completely redone; it now occupies almost the entire first floor of the old parking garage, and looks like a Barnes & Noble inside. The main entrance (seen here) is on 5th Street, not the side.

The old Brooks Hall is gone, being replaced by Brooks Village, a series of apartment-like dorms. The first pic is from the back steps of Martin Hall, followed by one from across the street by the old Texaco (now a Shell) station and then one taken from the top of the old parking garage (basically looking at where the back of the old Brooks was).

I tried to get a picture that would capture just how massive the new science building is, but this is the best I could do:

And lastly, for Bethany, here's the new Mayborn Museum (on University Parks, near the Alumni Center):

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