Friday, April 11, 2008

More Fun Things from our Backyard: The Art of Camouflage

Here's an example of where camouflage didn't quite work (Orbit really just wanted to double check the batting average for Biggio in his 1989 rookie year):

This one, on the other hand, is a big tougher...Can you spot the camouflaged critter in this picture?

Did you see him/her??

I almost didn't...Ok, here's the back-story. We had a pretty severe thunderstorm Wednesday night and I was walking around the backyard during my lunch break on Thursday and heard a rustling right next to me. I looked at the tree beside me and saw this little critter. It was one of the larger lizards I have ever seen in my lifetime (and if you know my family, that's saying something), and I'm really tempted to think it might be my first real-live-in-the-"wild" horned frog sighting. I really love having a yard!!!!!

Here he/she is closer up:

UPDATE: I received a tip from a reliable familial source that this is the Texas Spiny Lizard, so not a horned frog, but still very cool. Have a great day!

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