Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bethany and Junior: Week 22

Tuesday (four days ago) Bethany hit 22 weeks along. She's definitely starting to show a bit more; the doctor this week told Bethany that she was "glad to see that she had finally gained weight." (Click here to see her at 19 weeks, just for comparison.) Meanwhile, here she is just before we went out last night.

After attending Sing last night with friends, we went to our first Baylor baseball game of 2009 today. While we froze through six innings (temperature about 55, with north winds from 20-30 mph), Junior was just fine and plenty warm for his first-ever baseball game. When we left the Bears had the lead, though the bullpen later blew it. Oh well. Here we are in the cold:

Yes, he's still Junior for now, though we may have a name to share soon. Stay tuned!

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kimkitty81 said...

Bethany, you look so pretty! Nice little baby bump, too. :)