Monday, February 2, 2009

Junior is a ...

The voters were right; Junior is a boy! Had our ultrasound earlier today; he (it's nice to say "he" instead of "it") appears healthy, which is of course good. Now we have to finalize a name; I'd say we're 98% set on the first name and about 75% on a middle name, so that should be decided soon.

The voters were right, including both our moms. Bethany and I both thought Junior was a girl, so we were surprised -- but happy either way! Mostly right now, I'm glad to be able to say "he" and "him" and "his". (The english language needs some good gender-neutral pronouns.)

Here he is!


Patrick C. said...

Congratulations! I still think Charlie Brown or Encyclopedia Brown would be great names. :)

Jenn said...

Congrats you two! I can't wait to meet him!!!

(don't tell him that Aunt J thought he was going to be a girl too...)

allison stockton said...

This is so exciting! He will be the most sports savvy little boy in all of Texas! What a wonderful picture - he is a blessed little baby to have such an awesome mom and dad!!!

Diane said...

Yay Nephew!

Although how they tell gender off these images is beyond me!

At least now I can recognize the baby shape. (laugh) And he has quite the brain (and cute little nose)forming there. Go smart nephew!

Kim said...

Congratulations! I voted for a girl...but am just as happy to know you guys will be having a boy! Perhaps he is a Major League baseball player in the making?!? :)

J. Critz said...

Hey guys! So excited for you all!

How about "burl" for a gender nuetral pronoun.

"This is burl room. Hope burl likes it!"

I guess there's no need for it now! Yay!