Friday, December 17, 2010

Guess who's 18 months old?

Seriously?! 18 months already? Wow...time sure does fly. LittleBear is officially a year and a half old!

My goodness is he growing up fast! We don't have any official numbers as of today, but at his last dr. appt (which was considered his 18 month appt) a couple of weeks ago, he weighed in at 23 lbs, 4 oz, and was 31 inches tall.

He's been a busy little guy this fall! He loves to run around the house, has learned to be more gentle with Orbit and seems to be better about restraining himself when it comes to pulling Orbit's tail. Conversely, Orbit seems to have gotten a bit more brazen and will now swat whenever he feels necessary (even if that means that LittleBear just walked past where Orbit is sitting).

LittleBear still loves music and will dance to just about anything. He's been playing with his piano, handbells, music cube and beach band toys almost daily. He also enjoys playing with his empty Quaker Oats container, crackling an empty soda can and also crinkling an empty 2-liter bottle. Another favorite toy that he's been loving lately is the Little People Nativity Set (thank you, Grams and Gramps!). He also really loves brooms, particularly our tall red broom and our little broom and dustpan set (similar to this). He also loves to explore our backyard.

He still isn't saying a huge amount of clearly discernable words, but his Dr. is not at all worried. He's picked up quite a few more signs, though, and can now sign for food, water, yogurt (his favorite!), help (mommy loves this one), more, and diaper; he's also got a sort of "shrugging" sign that can mean "where is it?", "what is it?" or other similar questions, and a few more things that might be signs but that we don't quite understand yet.

Mommy also loves the fact that 98% of the time when asked, he will put his clothes in the hamper -- oftentimes without even being asked! She's also had to fish her shoes out of the hamper a few times, but that's a small price to pay. He definitely understands a lot, even if he isn't talking much.

All in all, he's still a lot of fun; there's lots of silliness and giggling around here. Can't wait to celebrate Christmas with our little man!

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I love it! Happy Birthday!!