Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's been a crazy, fun year as our little one has gone from BabyBear (take a look back at him from last Christmas) to LittleBear -- a fully mobile 18-month-old with a very distinct personality. He's a blast to be around, and the past year has been all the more fun because of him.

Rather than a traditional Christmas letter, we hope you'll take a minute to browse back through our blog and enjoy (perhaps for a second time) some of the pictures and video from the past year. If you're looking for the abridged version, here are some of our favorites:
Our next post will likely be a recap of Christmas -- our first time to host Christmas as a married couple -- followed by a recap of our trip to see Baylor play in the Texas Bowl (sic 'em, Bears!), so come back soon for those. We hope you enjoy the blog (and @LittleBearB's Twitter account, posted in the top right corner), and we pray you're having a blessed Christmas season as well!

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