Friday, September 30, 2011

Before Five In A Row: Blueberries For Sal

I knew a good part of this book would go over well because my LittleBear LOVES blueberries, much like LittleBear and Sal from the story. Seriously. We buy them from Sam's Club and they are gone within three or four days (and he's the only one that eats them). In fact, we didn't even get to make jam this week as scheduled because LittleBear ate them all before we could get to the jam making. Oh well, it enforced the story even more :)

Here is what we had planned:

Day 1- Wear a Blue Shirt
Read Book
Blueberries for snack in a metal pail
Blue Sensory Bin
Have Ben add "blueberries" (blue dots) to a drawing of a bush that I made.
Day 2- Read Book
decorate letter B with blue fuzzballs
Read Bear classification cards
Day 3- Read Book
Talk about the story of Ruth & Naomi from The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. Where you go, I will go-Ruth stayed with Naomi.
Blueberries for Sal Are you my Mother activity
Make Blueberry jam

Day 4- Read Book
Dot paint his name
Move LittleBear preposition cards
Go out & "pick" blueberries into a metal pail (in our case, we pretended & used acorns)
Go visit bears (BU campus, zoo)

This was the longest of the three books we've done this far and the first two days he didn't really seem to want to finish the book, but by the end of the week, he was bringing it to me to read. He liked all of the activities except the math mat activity, which I think was a bit above his level. He did enjoy putting the blueberries in the pail, so that's good.

Here is a small photo gallery of our week:

Week 3- Blueberries For Sal

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