Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11

Recently, LittleBear has become really interested in the bells at the top of Pat Neff, Baylor's most recognizable and prominent building on campus. We have watched YouTube videos of the bells playing and heard them chime the hours on occasion. But when I heard there was to be a Carillon concert today in remembrance of September 11th using the bells in Pat Neff, I knew we had to go (despite the fact that it started smack in the middle of LittleBear's naptime- hey, sometimes we need to make exceptions).

Lynnette Geary, a Carillonneur, played a wonderful tribute lasting 45 minutes that all three of us enjoyed. When we got back to the car, LittleBear turned around and gave Pat Neff an unsolicted "thumbs up" meaning he very much enjoyed the concert.

Sitting on a blanket on the lawn, watching the wind blow through the trees and hearing the somber tones of the bells really was a wonderful way to remember those who gave their lives ten years ago. It certainly doesn't feel like it has been ten years. As survivor Ron DiFrancesco said, "Time does heal a bit, but it doesn't make you forget what happened. And I think, for our generation, it's our marking point in history. It changed the world that day."

Here's a video of Amazing Grace from the concert:

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