Friday, April 27, 2012

Before Five In A Row: The Red Carpet

And we're baaaaaaack!  Phew!  Sorry for the lack of school posts around here, we took a little sabbatical :)

We started back up with Before Five In A Row this week because LittleBear seemed like he missed it and kept asking for "more games" and I'm so glad we did!  We discovered one of our favorite books so far!  We had originally checked it out from the library, but I went ahead and bought a copy off eBay because we all liked it both in text and illustrations.  It's called The Red Carpet by Rex Parkin and if you haven't ever read it, you should totally check it out...

Here is what we had planned for the week:

Day 1- Read The Red Carpet
Roll the Red Carpet through Town (loosely based on Delightful Learning)

Day 2- Read The Red Carpet
Talk About Police Officers- What do Police Officers Do?
Read A Visit To The Police Station (from Library)

Day 3- Read The Red Carpet

Day 4-Read The Red Carpet
Play with iPad App: iRoad Signs
Surprise eating soft pretzels with Daddy on his lunch break!

LittleBear's best coloring job to date!
I think we got to just about everything except the iPad App (iRoad Signs), which I am ok with.  LittleBear seemed to enjoy just about everything, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be our reenactment of rolling the red carpet through town and eating the red carpet snack.  At first he unrolled the snack and thought that was the fun part, then I told him to eat it.  Monday was a really fun day :)

I also got our school bulletin "board" up on the wall, which I will switch around a bit here and there, but this is what it looked like this week:

I got the idea from Pinterest (original source here) and it's been a big hit with LittleBear and his friends!

Here is a photo gallery of our week:
 Inspiration, ideas and printables I used for The Red Carpet can be found at:

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