Saturday, August 11, 2012

LittleBear "Meets the Bears"

LittleBear and I (Jeff) went to Baylor football's annual "Meet the Bears" summer scrimmage and autograph session today at the team's practice facility. The scrimmage was outdoors, but thankfully Baylor has a beautiful, indoor, air-conditioned practice facility as well, and the post-game autograph session was held in there.

LittleBear was interested in seeing a couple of the players we had previously pointed out: quarterback Nick Florence ("He goes to our church," LittleBear remembers) and running back Jarred Salubi ("He's from Waco, just like you!" we told LittleBear). But he wasn't interested in waiting in the long lines to meet them or get autographs; he just wanted to see them.

Mostly, LittleBear was really just interested in running around and playing inside the practice facility. Check out the video below; this is really how we spent most of our hour-plus in there.

Thanks to Baylor Athletics for hosting us (and the several hundred other Bear fans) today!

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