Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guess Who's Five Months Old! LadyBear!!!

I'm a bit behind, but we're still excited that LadyBear is five months old!  When I initially started writing this, I was thinking, "Holy moly!  Five months already?!"
But then I looked at her and she was saying, "Yup Momma, check it, I'm five months already."

Sigh, time really is flying fast...but I digress. 

LadyBear is doing great!  She wants to be a part of whatever is going on around her and is still very much of an observer.  She stares intently, taking in seemingly every detail.  She seems to be quite the curious little one.  Her favorite thing to do is shove things in her mouth...

In light of that, she is still eating well and starting to sleep a little better.  She loves to spend time in the doorway jumper and still really likes her playmat.  We put a mirror in her room after Christmas and she also loves looking at and talking to herself in that.  She does like to talk and is currently experimenting with the volume of her voice.      :)

She still smiles a lot and is a huge joy to have around. She and LittleBear are really starting to develop an adorable friendship and I really think they might just grow up to be best friends. 

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Heather Sullivan said...

The second pic made me giggle. I love them all. Such a cutie pie. So, March 7 would be 6 month, right? I'll e-mail you so we can get something "on the books!"