Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fun Things From Our Backyard: The Squngee!

Just for fun, this one is for all you animal lovers out there and has nothing to do with our kids :)

I love this one, you can actually see the corn kernel in its mouth!
 One gift I received recently for my birthday is a little contraption called "The Squngee," which is a squirrel feeder on a bungee cord.  I had hoped it would provide some fun entertainment for us and help keep the squirrels away from my garden.  The idea is to hang it low for a week or two until the squirrels get used to it, then raise it up a bit and watch them jump on to the corn and bounce around while eating it.  It's harmless and I have to admit, fun to watch :)  Recently, the squirrels found our feeder (or maybe it is just one really hungry squirrel...I'm not sure which)!  Here's a video of all of us enjoying the action:

Thank you, S family, for our Squngee!!

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