Saturday, April 13, 2013

And A Fun Day Was Had By All...

Today was a super fun day!  This morning we had the chance to attend a re-creation of a baseball game from the 1860s, complete with uniforms and nicknames.  We all cheered "Huzzah!" when the batter hit a home run and enjoyed comparing how they played the game then to how they play it now (it's pretty different!).  It was a blast and there were all ages there enjoying it together.  One of my favorites was an older gentleman sitting nearby with a shirt that said, "I'm not old, I'm vintage."  Love it. (Here's a local recap of the event, and here are the newspaper's photos.]


After the "vintage" game, we headed on down to the Baylor Ballpark for their Community Tailgate, which involved games, inflatables, face-painting (LittleBear declined), free hot dogs/chips/Blue Bell and a cow milking demonstration during lunch (yes, really).   Lots of fun was had, especially by LittleBear!

Taking his turn swinging a bat

Tossing the bean bags...he's way better than Mommy!

 I think his favorite was jumping around in the inflatable dragon.

Today was LadyBear's first experience with baseball and I think she enjoyed it.  Mostly, she enjoyed time with her Daddy...these two are quite the pair:

watching the game with Daddy...

 Laughing up a storm...

Lovin' her Daddy kisses!!!

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Heather Sullivan said...

You got some great shots. That last one with daddy & Olivia is more precious than words. Glad you guys had a fun day.