Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Guess Who's Seven Months Old A While Ago! LadyBear!

I just realized I never posted LadyBear's seven month pictures!  Things have been a bit crazy around here!

This month has been one of not feeling so hot for our little miss, so our pictures are not as plentiful or smiley as usual :)  Also, forgive the lighting and focus in these pictures...some setting has changed on our point-and-shoot camera and I am trying to figure out which one.  Clearly, I am not a photographer :)

Anyway, LadyBear is doing well.  She's been growing up, up, up and loves exploring the world around her.  She loves food, sticking her fingers (or anything really) in her mouth and watching her older brother play baseball in the living room.  Her favorite toy right now seems to be her MULA stacking rings from Ikea.  They are wood and so they're pretty sturdy and I've noticed her lately really trying to put the rings back on the stick.  They're also great for chewing in her mind.

She likes to be in the middle of all the action and for sure wants to be included at each and every meal.  Her naps are going pretty well and she's just starting to sleep better at night (hooray!), so we are very thankful for that.   She chatters away and still sings very loudly in the car. 

Here she is with her newest discovery...walking in her walker.  It's still not her favorite thing to do, but she seems to enjoy it for short periods of time.

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