Monday, May 13, 2013

Guess Who's Eight Months Old? LadyBear!


Time just keeps on ticking!  LadyBear is now eight months old and seems to be growing up more and more every day.  She's had a few really fussy days lately and we think her first tooth might be making an appearance soon. 

She loves eating and exploring.  She chatters a lot throughout the day and still LOVES to sing in the car along with whatever music is playing.  She also loves playing with the Band set that her brother enjoyed at this age

Other than developing a loud shrieking habit we could all do without, LadyBear is still a sweetie and oh-so lovable.  She's napping ok during the day (since we got back from our trip, they've tended to be shorter naps) and is back to waking up between 3am and 5am each day.  We'll get there. 

She loves playing with her brother and I think her favorite time of day is when Daddy gets home from's really cute!  We love you, LadyBear!!!


Heather Sullivan said...

Such great images. I'm in love with the second picture, from the fun expression down to the toes.

allison stockton said...

I agree! That second picture did me in! Love her expressions and clapping feet :)