Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guess Who's Ten Months Old? LadyBear!!

I know I say this every post, but it really feels like both of my bears are growing up SO fast!  LadyBear hit 10 months this month and seems like she is learning more and more every day.  As it stands now, LadyBear is right at 28.5" inches tall and weights 20 lbs, a little above average for her age.  She still loves to eat and actually gets quite frustrated if she is not sitting with us at the table with food for her during mealtime. 

Clapping :)

She's crawling really fast now and can get anywhere she wants to go in good time.  She can stand up at our coffee table, or at our front window and is even taking steps with assistance.  She has had no fear thus far, so it seems entirely possible to me that she'll be walking by her first birthday.  Our dr. predicted that several months ago based on how strong she is, but since LittleBear took his sweet time learning to walk, I confess, I didn't really believe it until now. 

 Chatting away while I'm trying to get one smiling picture of her

She is also communicating quite well with us.  She can sign "All Done", "Food" and "Milk" and officially said her first words together, "Hi Daddy!"  She pronounces it "Hi Dadddeeeeeeeee" and it is so cute.  She also said "kitty" and "All Done" and loves waving at her Daddy and clapping as well. 

 waving at Daddy standing behind me

She is fascinated by the air conditioner vent in our hallway and likes to crawl up to it and "play" it like a musical instrument.  She also is quite content to play wherever her brother is and the two of them still seem to be great friends, which I am VERY thankful for!

We love you, LadyBear!!!

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Heather Sullivan said...

She looks so long! Great pictures. It's fun watching her grow.