Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Dream Come True for LittleBear: First T-ball Game!

LittleBear's T-ball team, the Rangers, had their very first game on Monday night and their second game last night (due to the holiday week).  He wears #2 and while he is the smallest one on his team of four and five year olds, both in age and size, he still plays with a lot of heart.  He listens well and we even hear him encouraging the other kids on his team ("that was a good try!" or "good job!") on occasion, which, you know makes this Mommy proud.

 OOH!  It's my turn!

He was thrilled to be playing his first real game and is totally looking forward to the next one.   Way to go, LittleBear!

Running Home!

Here is his first at-bat:

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