Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Butterfly Garden...A Work In Progess

Earlier this year, LittleBear told me that he wanted to "plant flowers that would make butterflies come" to in our yard.  I thought this was a great idea, so we went to Home Depot and bought a giant bag of butterfly/hummingbird wildflower seeds.  We have an in-ground planter area in our backyard lined with cement that gets sun during the day that I thought would be perfect for this, so I pulled out the existing plants (mostly weeds and a dying rosemary bush), and we planted our seeds with a few extra peas growing there as well.

LittleBear watered them and watched intently over the next few weeks.  I heard more than once that it was, "taking so long for these plants to grow" and it did seem like it was taking a while, but eventually, we finally saw some plants coming up.

Then they got mowed over by a one-time lawn service we had come during our Birmingham trip who didn't realize that was a garden apparently.

The plants were just starting to come back when some tree service people we had come the other day walked through it and dragged branches through it too.


My little guy was so excited about these flowers and just wants butterflies to come into our yard and I hated to see our efforts squashed like this.  So, yesterday, I called around and found a nursery in town that has milkweed, the favorite plant of the monarch butterfly, which usually comes through during the summer on their migration to Mexico.  Not only did they have milkweed, but they also had lots of other recommendations for plants that butterflies love, so we went the easier route and bought some plants for our butterfly garden.

Now, we have zinnias:


Yellow Lantana:

Blue Mist Flower (or something like that):

And the remainder of what we tried to start from seed in the beginning.  Hopefully we'll get some butterflies!

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