Monday, August 5, 2013

What happened to Before Five In A Row?

I've had this question from a few people in person and I know there are some others who were coming to the blog for our Before Five In A Row posts (BFIAR), so I wanted to update everyone on the school situation here, in case you were curious.   Basically, we've been reading the books (and thoroughly enjoying them!), but LittleBear seemed to be getting tired of all my planned activities, so we switched to just reading the books, talking about them and playing more.  Fun times here, but that does not make for exciting blog posts :)

I think I'll go ahead and post what I had planned for each of the unposted books, just so I have a record of it somewhere (helpful for when LadyBear is ready) and it's out there for anyone else who might want to know. 

Currently, LittleBear and I are both really enjoying Angus Lost and If Jesus Came To My House (we have the older version with the older illustrations, which I definitely prefer).  Prayer For A Child, though not as much as some of the others.

So anyway, that's where we are with Before Five In A Row...we still love it, we just tweaked it a bit to fit better where we are.  Stay tuned because soon we'll be starting Kindergarten with LittleBear!!!

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