Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Brown Family at the HOT Fair 2013


In the beginning of this month, we took a family trip to the H.O.T (Heart of Texas) Fair and Rodeo with some friends and had a great time!  LittleBear was especially excited to ride some of the rides and even tackled the big ferris wheel with Daddy and his good friend, M.  I was so proud of him (that's about as daring as my boy gets)!! He rode a few others, but mostly, we just walked around and had fun with our friends. 

 Ferris wheel!!!!!
Hi Daddy!!

LadyBear seemed to really enjoy the animals in the barnyard tent & petting zoo and repeatedly motioned that she wanted to ride the carousel, so we did that as the last thing of the night.  She also enjoyed watching all the people and lights there!

 LadyBear Loving the Goat

We skipped the rodeo part this year, but maybe next year we'll watch a bit of that...we'll see :)
 Our Little Buckaroo!

 Lots and Lots to look at...
 LittleBear is already asking if we can go to the fair next year :)  We had fun with our two kiddos and friends!!!!

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