Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!! Astros Game.

Earlier in August, we celebrated Daddy's birthday a little early (his birthday is tomorrow!!!!) by visiting Grandma and going to a Houston Astros Game.  It was quite the scandal with LittleBear that I wasn't throwing an actual party for Daddy, but once he realized we were going to an Astros game to celebrate, he felt better about it.

LittleBear holding a mini-wooden bat that Uncle V. got him

Aunt S. and Uncle V. met us at the game and we all had a great time!

LadyBear checking out the field with Uncle V.

LittleBear was into the whole game and spent time sitting with everyone.  

The game happened to fall during LadyBear's rest time, but we pumped her full of snacks, so she was fairly content and seemed to enjoy it as well.  It also majorly helped that Uncle V. bought her a little teddy bear, which she played with most of the game, has named "Astros Bear" and now sleeps with every nap and nighttime.  They are good buddies.

LadyBear enjoying the game wearing Uncle Vic's hat...

Amazingly (given the Astros' record), they actually won, 6-1!  Then after the game, a bonus, as LittleBear got to run the bases!   

He's in the navy shirt between the yellow flag and the white flag...

He was super speedy about it; I barely had time to snap a picture and this video.  He loved it though and I'm really thankful he had the opportunity.

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