Saturday, August 23, 2014

LittleBear's "Favorite Place" and LadyBear's Newest Favorite Activity

Today we were invited to a friends birthday party at FLIPS gym in Waco.  It was so fun!!

LittleBear cheering LadyBear on at the end of the balance beam...

It was LadyBear's first time and LittleBear's first time in a while going there, but he was so excited all week and kept saying this is his "favorite place."  He couldn't wait to show LadyBear all the fun things to do.

LittleBear getting a pep talk from one of the coaches...

There he goes!

Sadly, Momma is not the best at photographing high speed activities, but rest assured that even though the pictures are blurry, there was nothing but smiles from both kids. 

That little blur in the middle jumping into the foam block pit is LadyBear...

LadyBear's strength and determination helped her do everything the big kids were doing except for the long trampoline, which she wasn't quite old enough for. 

swinging over the foam block pit...

Here are two videos for your amusement...LadyBear did not want to come out of the foam block pit!


LittleBear being brave:

We are so very thankful for wonderful friends who give us opportunities like this.  Happy birthday, K!!  Thank you!

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