Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Treat Night 2014: We Go Together Like Thunder and Lightning...

One of my fond memories growing up was that my mom used to make our Halloween costumes and some years, my brother and I coordinated.  My goal is to do the same each year for my kids for Baylor's Family Treat Night.  Family Treat Night is an evening where the dorms open up to the kids of Baylor Faculty and Staff and the kids get to interact with the students in a really fun way.  It's one we all look forward to every year :)

This year, LittleBear and LadyBear decided that they wanted to be Thunder and Lightning.  Try searching Pinterest for Thunder and Lightning costumes...good luck!  I had all kinds of ideas swirling around in my head of what they would look like and in the end, what you see here is what we ended up with.  The students really liked them, which is always a plus and the kids both really liked them, which is what I aim for, so I'm calling this year a success!  Yes, I may have gone overboard, but sewing is my creative outlet and I had fun with it.  Thank goodness for felt!!

This year was especially fun for me because we were back at the dorm I lived in Freshman year.  It has been majorly remodeled since my time there, but still, it was fun to be back :)  LittleBear promised that he would walk up to the doors and say, "Boom" to prove to everyone that he was thunder, but I thought I would also write that on his mask for good measure, which was good because he forgot.  LadyBear was excited about her costume when I made it and enjoyed telling people, "I'm lightning!" It was a super fun evening!!!!

 Lightning, Thunder and Rain (Daddy) in their appropriate order...

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