Friday, November 21, 2014

Five In A Row: Cranberry Thanksgiving

This week we read Cranberry Thanksgiving, which was a new-to-us book about a grandmother and granddaughter who run a cranberry bog in New England and invite some new guests over for Thanksgiving dinner (including a captain who digs clams for a living).  LittleBear particularly liked this story and we had a lot of fun this week learning about Thanksgiving, cranberries, New England, clams and other sea life and being thankful.  We even made cranberry bread!

 Our calendar board...
 We did a few easy science experiments with cranberries including the ever popular game of "Sink or float!"  We also talked about how every cranberry bag that weighs 1 lb might not have the same amount of berries in it and we bounced a few to see how high they could bounce. 

bounce the cranberries!

And of course, we sampled a few :)


LadyBear especially loved watching them float!

Will they sink or float?

Every morning, she rushed out to see our "cranberry bog" and make sure the berries were still floating...
Our homemade cranberry bog!

We also made a tree of thankfulness where we printed out leaves with Bible verses about being thankful and wrote something we were thankful for on the back of each leaf.

Our tree of thankfulness!

We also did our usual math, spelling/grammar and handwriting worksheets each day...

 worksheet time!

And we made cranberry bread together!  We even found a few jobs for LadyBear to help with...

 peeling the sticker off the orange...

Making cranberry bread!

We enjoyed this week and look forward to Thanksgiving week next week.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

Our books for the week!

Resources and printables I used for Cranberry Thanksgiving can be found at:
My Five In A Row Pinterest Board
Ann Voskamp's site for the printable leaves used in our thankfulness tree
Cranberry Thanksgiving on Homeschool Share
Cranberry Harvest on Youtube

Go Along Books we used for Cranberry Thanksgiving (* indicate ones we especially liked):
*A Child's Book of Character Building: Volume 1 (Thankfulness) by Ron and Rebekah Coriell
*Cranberries by William Jaspersohn
*Surrounded by Sea by Gail Gibbons
*Clam-I-Am (from The Cat in the Hat Learning Library) by Tish Rabe
*If You Were At the First Thanksgiving... by Anne Kamma
*If You Sailed On the Mayflower in 1620... by Ann McGovern
*My Thankful Heart: A Book About Being Grateful by Sally Lloyd-Jones
Mollusks: Snails, Clams and Their Relatives by Beth Blaxland

 Placing our story disk on New England!

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