Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Man's Poison: 12/18/07

Time for pre-Christmas random links!

Project MedSend -- the group raises money to help recent med school graduates pay off their loans so they can begin full-time missions work.

The Mitchell Report -- I'm still making my way through 300+ pages of baseball and steroids.

Presidential Polls -- As we get closer to the 2008 Presidential election, this sites averages all the most current polls to give a better view of who's leading who.

A Tale of Two Houses -- This is pretty interesting. I'm as surprised that Bush is environmentally conscious as I am that Gore is not.

Mr. Rogers learns about Donkey Kong -- This is just pure coolness.

A brief history of PhotoShopping -- Includes lots of examples, even from long before PhotoShop existed.

ShowBiz Pizza -- Oh, how I miss ShowBiz!! Chuck E. Cheese was never as good.

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